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    Powerline / AV adaptors

    Hi preparation for BT Infinity I'm going to upgrade my current 200mpbs cheap powerline adaptors to gigabit (500mpbs each) but it's proving a minefield with lots of negative reviews on units .. anyone already using gigabit versions and could throw some personal reviews my way?

    Also gonna get rid of the awful home hub 3 and Openreach modem for this Draytek Vigor 2750Vn.. I want to squeeze as much out off the service as possible.. as i'm sick of playing online and getting groundhog day/Sir lancealot in the holy grail style lag on my current BB.

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    Just noticed this thread with no replies......that's just no good ;-)

    I love the way they get marketed as 'gigabit' but only give 500mbps. Unless you're pushing significant data between machines you've nothing to gain over 200mbps adapters as Infinity will always be the connection bottleneck. Ok, so 200mbps adapters don't actually reach 200mbps unless in very good circuits........same can be said for 500mbps ones too - I think they're even more sensitive too. I've a set of Comtrend 200mbps Powerline adapters I use to get data from my router in the house to my home office in the garden. I find they cope just fine - I've tried 500mbps ones and they just didn't cut it - they were slower than the 200mbps ones I have.

    I binned off the Boundless provided Buffalo router I got with my connection and replaced it with a Netgear N600 Wireless Gigabit router - gigabit ports with both 2.4ghz and 5ghz wireless support. Really good router, that does a fine job of keeping my connection going and my devices connected - should be for 100+ router. I couple this with Netgear ProSafe 1gbit switches where I need them (3 endpoints in the house, and 6 in my office). I have the Comtrend PowerLines to get data to my office, and breakout to an Edimax Access Point for Wireless - wireless extenders are pants so have two separate access points. Bit overkill really as I've over 250 on networking.

    Draytek routers are a good choice too - I used a Vigor 2700G when I had my Sky ADSL connection. Did a demon job of getting me to 3.5mbps and gave good up-time. Easy to pick-up on eBay for a bargain.

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    Can't remember what ones I used before but they overheated and failed a lot. Minefield it is.

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